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Lucia Vega, an experienced interior designer, embarked on her journey in 2002 after completing her Business Administration degree from UWE Bristol and Interior Design diplomas from the London College of Communication and the KLC School of Design in Chelsea.


Commencing her career at a Hampstead consultancy, Lucia gained invaluable insights into every aspect of design, leading to the establishment of her independent practice. Renowned for her visionary concepts and commitment to blending aesthetics with practicality, Lucia consistently delivers exceptional interiors within budget and timelines, inspiring and refining client preferences along the way.


Currently serving as the Creative Director for AG Meridian Joinery, Lucia brings her wealth of experience to their bespoke offerings. In response to the challenges posed by Brexit and its profound impact on the UK manufacturing industry, Lucia spearheads the integration of a state-of-the-art production facility in Kosova. This strategic move has enabled AG Meridian Joinery to streamline operations, reducing lead times to an unprecedented 8 weeks while maintaining an unparalleled standard of quality and pricing competitiveness in the market.

Lucia's collaborative approach recognizes that interior design is a partnership between designer and client, with success hinging upon the client's delight in the final outcome.

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